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B1 Traditional Bun with Sasame seeds  $1.50
Lot’s of it please…$0.30
B2 Keep-it-simple Plain Burger Bun   $1.00
Heathy eating today… $0.20
B3 Traditional Poppy-Seed Artisan Bread  $1.50
Healthy eating today…$0.20
P4 Traditional Juicy Chicken Schnitzel  $4.50
B4 Traditional Hand Roll   $1.00
Just a lil bit… $0.10
P3 Crispy crumbed Atlantic Cod Fillet  $3.50
Just a lil bit…$0.10
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P2 Free Range Chicken Burger Patty  $2.50
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Traditional Slice $0.50 
Melted-on-top $0.50
Melted-on-top $0.50
Grated  $0.60
Just a lil bit… $0.30
Heathy eating today…$0.20
S2 Fresh Salad Lettuce Blend
Healthy eating today…$0.40
S1 Fresh Iceburg Lettuce
Lot’s of it please…$0.50
SL2 Fresh White Salad Onions
Price Check:
SL1 Fresh Beef-Heart Tomatos
P1 Juicy Angus Beef Premium  $3.50
As authentic as it can get...
Serving great burgers since 1973.
The table’s set and what we need now is a great tasting burger!!
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I want to start all over again...
C2 Grandma’s Cheddar Oldtime Cheese
T4 Masters Mustard Sauce $0.50
C1 Chewy & Bitey Ranch Cheese 
T3 Ranch Smoked Barbeque Sauce $0.50
Traditional Slice $0.50 
T2 Hot Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce $0.30
Total Amount Due:    $
T1 Yummy Romano Tomato Sauce  $0.30